A Cats Point of View

Explanations are just too few
For a typical cats point of view

Snooty, superior we may seem
But listen to idiots we do not deem

Humans are useful for warmth and food
But they don’t understand us as another cat would

Why they continue to maintain
Within the confines of their domain

Creatures completely lacking in dignity
Unable to comprehend serenity

Creatures whose brains are like dense fog
Creatures as stupid as the dog

There is no creature to be our rival
We walk alone, rather than be tribal

There are no limits to where we roam
There is no one place that we call home

From high up on roofs and tops of fences
To below the ground we take our chances

We see things clearly in the night
And warm our backs in the bright sunlight

We are superior in every way
To creatures we meet during the day

At night our prowess is undiminished
With silent leap our prey is finished

Soft, furry and cuddly when at rest
Sleek, fast and dangerous when at our best

I am cat and revered shall I be
For my intellect and my hunting ability

© 2017, 2012 Lusha Hood, all rights reserved.

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