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img_3116We are Lusha and Andy, hence LUSHANDA, The Atelier is our studio, the place where we work. We share both our studio and home with our five lovable cats whom we will introduce to you in our blog pages later on.

Welcome to our website, this little electronic corner of our world, we hope you’ll enjoy the journey!

Andy and I made the big ‘move’ in 2015 – we quit our jobs (I actually took voluntary redundancy) and we proceeded to move to South West France. The first year was an amazing adventure in itself, but that’s a story for another place and time.  So, now that the shackles of 9 to 5 wage slavery have been left behind along with the Scottish climate, we are able to start doing what each of us has wanted to and dreamed of all our lives.

img_2974 Each one of us has a plethora of interests that we are starting to slowly wind our way through:

Andy is into electronics, motorcycles and DIY – he’ll have his own website on these subjects and when they’re up and running, then we’ll insert links from this website.  He’s also into woodwork, items made by him will be displayed in our shop on this website when ready.

My thing is art and crafts, you can look through the shop tabs and I invite you to explore all the nooks and crannies.

img_1790The website is new and still very fresh and we will always be adding new items, ideas and generally sharing the creative process with you.

We have tried to keep this website simple to navigate, so we have limited ourselves to our shop and the Blog, I’ll be publishing my poetry through the blog pages – please be sure to familiarise yourself with copyright laws (quoted on this website as all material and images fall under these laws).  Please feel free to browse all areas of our shop, hopefully you’ll fall in love with something and be moved to buy it, please also visit my Blog pages where we share our thoughts and ideas as well as news on our creative work.

Each item for sale in our Shop has been lovingly hand made by me or Andy, I’m not a production line and I do not repeat items, each item is completely individual.  In fact it would be very difficult for me to produce identical items as I don’t use moulds or shape cutters in my jewellery, I don’t use any stencils in any of my painting.  Each cut of the knife or brushstroke is completely freehand, so when you buy one of my items you are guaranteed that it is absolutely handmade.

img_4579Thank you for visiting us, we hope to ‘see’ you back regularly.



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