My Love

Once I would hold your body
Whispering your name
Solid in my arms
Your hot breath on my skin

But now the wind has blown
And your life has changed
I can only see you as the wisps of smoke
Dissolving through my withered hands

Once you would wrap your arms around me
Whispering my name
While the passion burned
The world so far away

But now the wind has blown
And my life has changed
I feel you receding in the smoke
Swirling around my withered hands

Once I would stroke your shoulders
While you touched my face
Listen to your stories
And never feel afraid

But now the wind is blowing
And our lives have changed
I can only feel the wisps of smoke
As they disappear through my withered hands

Once we would feel our bodies
Hot and close as one
Quiet conversations
Never counting time

But now the breeze and wind
Have taken all the warmth away
And all that I have are the tendrils
Leaving my feeble, withered hands

Once I searched and found you
In the eddies of the sea and sand
In the waves low thunder
And the oceans undulating land

But now the wind has blown and the fire gone
And all that I’m left with
Are the wisps of memories
Still clinging to my withered hands

© 2010, 2017 Lusha Hood, All Rights Reserved.

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