Paintings on canvas

My paintings on Canvas are for the time being done in acrylic paints, I like the versatility of acrylics and the flexibility they give me to create the image I see in my minds eye. As with all art – it’s evolving and progressing, so I don’t rule out going into other mediums in the future.

I tend to use various canvas sizes and you will see that in each item description, however all shipping prices are on application as the painting has to be crated and shipped and this needs to be quoted on an individual basis. I encourage you to visit my studio in south west France and view my paintings for yourself, please make an appointment before coming.

I’m against reproducing paintings into prints and certainly not prints on canvas – each of my paintings is a one off and will not be reproduced, unfortunately modern technology allows for this to happen and as I’m a bit of a traditionalist in this area I’m doing my bit to keep art individual and keep it away from the whole mass production industrial machine.

I hope you enjoy your visit in my world of paintings.

Please note that all images are covered by international copyright laws.

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