Welcome to my world of jewellery!
Women have decorated our bodies and hair for millennia. We’ve worn necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair combs and clips. Ancient cultures often used materials that were readily available which were quite different to those used in jewellery today. What has always counted in the making of jewellery is artistry and individuality, the ‘intrinsic’ value of the materials used didn’t always play a big part.
You will not find gold, diamonds and rubies in my work, I don’t believe that jewellery is a financial investment, it’s a decoration that reflects our current mood, the season, makes a statement or reflects an idea.
The value of each piece is in the artistry, I approach my work with a positive, loving attitude and the work is never a chore, it is a passion. So when you buy one of my pieces you know that it was made with a fully engaged imagination and each item is imbibed with these qualities: imagination, passion, pleasure.
My present collections consist of natural semi-precious gemstones (these are found on the surface rather than mined), laboratory produced gemstones (I don’t want to support mining and all the misery it brings to humans and the ecology), handmade glass beads, crystal beads, pearls both cultured and synthetic (based on glass beads), polymer clay – any polymer clay beads are all handmade by me and are hand formed, I don’t use any bead making machinery or moulds.
Please take a small journey through my collections and enjoy the trip.

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