English with Lusha

I’m offering English conversation sessions via Skype for adults with English Language skills of Intermediate and over. The aim of my classes is to improve your spoken language skills, to build your vocabulary and fluency to enable you to communicate easily with Native English Language speakers. I also do proof reading of reports and submissions including theses.
My speciality is Business English and I have 40 years work in the corporate world in middle management positions in various fields, in addition I have 7 years’ experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as written and verbal translations.

Some of my areas of expertise are:
• Sales and Marketing
• Human resources and Training
• Management and Team Building
• Public speaking and Presentations
• Negotiating
• Contracts and Agreements
• Communication Skills
• Time and Stress Management

English is my first language and I also speak Polish, which I do not use during the conversation sessions as using your native language for support will not help you to build fluency – I do written translations – from Polish to English only.

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