Yesterday was a day for daises
Sweet dreams that oft came to naught
Yesterday was a day for learning
Not for praise nor regret
you offered me the daisy in the palm of your hand.

But today is a day for roses
Sweet scent heavy in the air
A day for roses, lust and despair
A day spent in the darkness of smoke filled air

Today is a day for roses
A day for passion spiced with pain
A day of destruction followed by rain
A day when only the roses remain

Today is a day for roses
A day of petals and thorns
A day in perfume adorned
A day when life calls us home

But tomorrow is a day for lilies
Tomorrow, untainted and pure
Tomorrow holds dreams that seem sure
Tomorrow when we will learn more

Then the lilies all wither and fade
And the rose blooms cut through the night

© 2010, 2016 Lusha Hood, all rights reserved

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