Sizing and Special Orders, Commissions

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We sell hard copy prints only, however should you require prints in sizes other than the standard size we offer of 21 x 30 cm, please make an inquiry via our contact form. We are able to offer smaller sizes of prints as well as larger.  With larger prints we would have to check to ensure that no quality will be lost in the image, if a good quality image can be obtained on say an A3 size, then we will certainly price that up for you.

We can also offer prints on cotton canvas with or without a frame and prints on Acid Free Cotton paper, this paper is approximated to hold an image for about 200 years and is suitable for framing without glass – the finish is totally matt and has a wonderful soft feel as well as great depth of black.  Please make an inquiry via our contact form.

As already stated there are no returns on special orders.


All necklace, bracelet and earring lengths and widths are stated on the individual item in centimeters and millimeters.  Where there are pendants I’ve measured the length of the necklace by holding it by the clasp – so the length is what goes around the neck, the pendant will hang off this and I always give the length from the wire on which it hangs, these are pretty accurate measurements so that you can see how it will fit you.  There are a number of pendants that extend above the leather cord or necklace – in this event I will give the total length of the pendant.

I can adjust the length of the Necklace for you – shorten or lengthen provided this does not change the style of the necklace.  I can do the same for bracelets, again within reason – I don’t charge extra for this service – however once you have asked for this to be done, please be aware that the item then becomes non-returnable.  This is due to the amount of time it takes to disassemble and re-assemble the necklace or bracelet.

Please enquire about the possibilities of length changes prior to making your purchase by contacting me via the contact form and quoting the product number.

Please note that once the item has been sized to your special requirements it becomes a non-returnable item.

Special Orders, Commissions: We accept special orders and commissions for many items – please make an enquiry in writing – we can for instance produce special order jewellery pieces for Bridesmaids, Brides and other special events.  Please keep in mind that if you are thinking of ordering several pieces of the same design, there will always be very small differences as all pieces are individually hand made.  If you see anything in our range that you would like to have made on special order please do not hesitate to contact me. All special order items will require a deposit once the order details have been agreed to, full payment will need to be made prior to delivery and all special orders are non-returnable.  We will never accept a special order if we cannot meet the style/material or date requirements.

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