landscape-007There was a time of darkness,
thick, black heavy air.
Surrounded and enveloped,
encased and locked,
in the cold, dark depths,
every move and thought.

There was a time of locked doors,
heavy bolts slid shut.
Mean minds and angry footsteps,
invading the night.
Eyes watching and listening for words,
uttered through sleep and dream.

There was a time of nightmares,
loneliness and pain.
Standing on life’s road,
a child with tears.
Walking a dark path,
over many, many years.

Freedom came like death and birth,
all rolled into one.
Freedom was a journey,
in fear begun.

Freedom took a path lined with mirrors,
that pained the eye to see.
Freedom opened windows,
and let the desert air in.

Freedom unlocked doors,
in the mind and heart.
But my hand had to push each open,
and take a step outside.

Freedom laid a path through space,
and over time.
But the decision to follow,
had to be all mine.

Freedom showed me wonders,
along it’s winding road.
But freedom never told me,
what the EXIT sign would hold.

© 2009, 2016 Lusha Hood – all rights reserved.

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