Frosty Sunday

The days have been clear and cold these last three weeks, the nights have been frosty, the stars sparkle.  This morning we had to leave the house early while it was still dark and in the headlights everything shimmered with tiny crystals – on our way back there were mists over the fields and the frost covered grass and leaf – I wished I had my camera with me, must remember to take a walk tomorrow to take some pics!

Early on Tuesday morning we’re off on a journey of 2000 km each way – we both have knots in our stomachs, we plan on doing it in two days.  We’ve done it before in the winter and summer, but somehow we’re just getting less resistant to the long distance travels.  Quite likely last years move has just worn us out – but we’ll just troop along and get on with it.  Our house sitter and cat companion is arriving tomorrow afternoon, so everything is organised, but my thoughts continue to drift.

Drifting and meandering around time, age and circumstance, around events that form our lives, family and friends.

I really had a hard time turning 50 – it was like a brick wall speeding along railway tracks towards me, obscuring all else from view.  I got through it, I got to the other side of the wall – there is life here, as there is life on the other side of the picket fence that is 60 as well.  Now I accept my age and in fact enjoy it – many issues are no longer important because I feel that I have everything that’s really important.

I remember the lessons I learnt from much younger women, I was about 48 or so and I learnt a great deal from a 19 year old about a job we had to do and I had real problems with – it was cleaning after some people left a real mess.  This lovely young woman said to me, Lusha I can see you have a real problem doing the bathroom, I’ll do that and you can do the kitchen.  We started on the outside, we raked and swept, we made a fire, we put some music on and by the time we started on the inside all the tension evaporated and we cleaned, cleaned and cleaned – I’ll always remember what that young woman taught me – every job is just a job and if someone else can do it, so can I.  That helped me to get off my high horse and get my hands dirty, I’ll always be grateful to her.  The was another young woman, Naomi – you know who you are, when I was stressing about getting old – she said something like she can’t wait to get older and have all that wisdom.  Well Naomi, back then I had very little wisdom, but I’ve been gathering as I believe you are too.  I’ll always remember that – a young person telling me the really important thing that comes with age and that it’s the only way to gain other than with the passing of time and with experiencing life.  Thank you both!

Today I’m publishing 3 little poems that all deal with ageing in one way or another – the first little one I wrote for my sister in law on her 50th birthday, ‘Welcome to the other side of the wall’.  The second is ‘Sometimes’ and it’s about another aspect of ageing, while the third is just a light hearted muse about time and space – hope you all enjoy! Thank you for taking the time to read!


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