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Hearts and swirls in bold red, passionate orange with accents of heavenly blue.

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Hearts and swirls in bold red, passionate orange with accents of heavenly blue.

Individually hand painted without the use of any stencil, each brush stroke is totally freehand.  Each holder is signed by me with my signature which doubles as our logo.

These tea light candle holders are little jewels, the light comes through the transparent paint and glows with the patterns.  The glass is up-cycled from little desert containers, the glass paint has been fired in the oven to make it dishwasher proof, although just a gentle wipe is all you’ll need to keep them clean.

I have glued three balls inside so that the tea light does not rattle around and does not touch the side of the glass.

The glass is 4.5cm high and 7cm in diameter.

For use exclusively with tea light candles, DO NOT use votive and other candles with these.

WARNING: The glass may become hot while the candle is burning, do not handle after the candle has been lit. Keep away from children and never allow children to light or handle holder after the candle has been lit.

Moving the holder when the wax has melted in the tea light container may result in spillage of wax into the glass container.  In case this happens allow the candle to burn out, remove the metal container and discard into the recycling, then run hot water on the underside of the glass container.  This should slightly melt the wax and allow it to be removed – do not melt the wax completely or allow it to run into the sink drain, remove the wax with a paper towel and discard.

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