Circle of Life


Stunning Earth tones, golden reflections and shapes of nature

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This stunning bib necklace is totally hand made from Polymer Clay, I’ve used a terra cotta base then wove tendrils of the same colour which has been highlighted with gold mica dust. I’ve also included the spiral of life symbol for an asymmetric design, the leaves are of a translucent polymer clay which I’ve mixed with a very pale leafy green colour. The leaves also carry a light dusting of gold mica powder which has been fused during firing. This piece hangs of a wire which has matching colour polymer clay beads which I also made, there are a couple of hand made glass beads and the seed beads are uneven in shape and copper colour.

This piece will look fabulous on your suntanned holiday skin with a plain linen or cotton dress.

Necklace length: 46.5cm

Centrepiece, width: 110mm, length: 55mm, thick: 15mm

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