Apricot Dream


Gemstones, crystal and pearls in shades of pale apricot.

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This wonderful necklace and earring set is made of glass based pearls, crystals, hand made polymer clay beads with a dusting of pink mica powder – the pendant is a solid piece of Rose Quartz which I’ve embellished with a tendril of the same polymer clay as the beads.  The Rose Quartz has been fired with the polymer clay so that I got a perfect fit, after firing I then used jewellery glue to stick the tendril to the stone – the piece is very dressy and reflects the light in satins, pearls and the brilliant faceted crystals catch the light and glitter like stars.

This necklace and earrings are perfect for evening wear and can go with black, white, cream or almost any colour – they form a stunning set that will dress up the plainest outfit.

Necklace length: 43cm

Pendant length: 60mm, width: 35mm

Earrings, total length: 55mm

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