Postage and Shipping

We are posting all items from France – you will note that we have two types of rates: Packet and Small Packet.

All items are shipped: signed for and tracked.

We have pre-programmed our system to go by weight so you will not be charged extra for additional items unless they go over the weight allowed for that price.  Having said that, if you are purchasing multiple items and you go into the next postage price – please contact us before you complete your purchase.  I will check whether by packaging things together we can get in under the maximum weight for the price and I will do the necessary adjustments to allow the purchase to go through at the lower shipping price.

If you have already completed your purchase, when I package your items for shipping and find that they can in fact fit into the lower rate – we will refund you the difference without you having to ask for it.

A Packet is anything that is more than 3cm thick – it is essentially parcel post and the lowest rate covers items up to 500g.  Again if you are purchasing multiple items or items that a mixed – packet and small packet designation, please contact me and I’ll check what the best price we can ship for.

A Small Packet is anything under 3cm thick – so most jewellery items, photographs and some art work can be shipped under these rates.

Should you have any questions regarding postage and shipping please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on this website – under the Contact Us tab.

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