Product Quality and Materials Used

This is some general information about the items we make.

Everything is hand made, we do buy certain components and materials of course.  If we make items that come from molds, we produce those molds ourselves from a hand sculpted item.

We are very mindful of the environment and as we progress more and more into what we make we always try to recycle items such as paper, glass, wood and other recyclable components.

Please read about the individual types of items.


I try to make each item to be as lasting as possible so I avoid using elastic, which to be honest I have a problem keeping the knots in place and that I find breaks far too easily.

The necklaces I make mostly use tiger tail – which is a very thin metal cable which has a coating on it. It’s very strong and I secure it with crimps, if a necklace is particularly heavy then I’ll use double crimps.  It’s getting difficult for me to handle some of the very tiny clasps due to a little bit or arthritis in my hands, so I tend to use larger clasps which I’m hoping you’ll appreciate as it’ll also be easier for you all to use.

I use leather chord on some of the necklaces as I feel that’s the look I want to achieve, these are usually rather short so will sit high up just below your collar bones at the front.  I’ll usually match these up with polymer clay, crystal and some gemstones.

Bracelets – I also use tiger tail and usually I’ll put the toggle type clasps on them, they look great and are easy to use.

Earrings – I try various types of hooks, they will always be either silver or silver plate – unless I use Copper, Bronze, Gold or Gunmetal – then they are always plated.


I print my photographs on A4 size paper (21 x 30 cm) and use Fujifilm Crystal Archive TYPE DP II, it is the range topping version of this famous paper. This paper is a silver halide colour paper with a thicker base and high stiffness. It is capable of yielding very high image quality prints making it suitable for high end professional uses such as portrait or commercial photography. It has the highest level of image stability, and is ideal for display purposes.
Key Features of this paper are:
* Designed for professional use
* High maximum density for deep blacks
* Widest color gamut of all Crystal Archive papers
* Exceptional sharpness
* Pure whiteness
* Vibrant color reproduction
* Excellent image stability
* Improved latent image stability

I use a professional photo-lab for all our printing, all prints are done on an individual basis in accordance with the digital information that is contained on the photo file without making any further adjustments at the lab. This means that every print is exactly the same colour setting and quality. Because of the number of images I have for sale I don’t keep a lot of stock and order prints as they are bought – therefore please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

I’m also able to do special orders on Acid Free Cotton Card which does not need glass when framed. There is also the option of having the prints done on canvas and frame – please contact me for pricing and availability.

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