Where we stand

009We stood on the other side of the mountain
and to stay together, we held hands.
The breeze shook the leaves on the trees
and the dew sparkled like diamonds.

The river below ran deep and slow
heading towards distant lands
and the breeze sang sweet melodies
with a voice of gravel and sand.

I looked at my hand, to see the hand
that anchored, my soul to the earth
and I saw there the man whose spirit,
was entwined with mine
from another far distant time.

The sun shone on the side of our mountain
but the valley remained, a steep dark band
my soul mate, he wanted to climb higher
said there was a good life to be had.

I said I would follow over river, sea or land
so he took my hand and we jumped,
off the side of our mountain and soared
on the wind, to find those distant lands.

We followed the river all the way to the sea
where waves crashed on rocks and sands
we crossed the big blue searching for dew
which clung to hills, where the vineyards grew.

We heard strange birds sing in the trees
gnarled and worn with the waiting of years.
The sentries and guardians,
at the gateway we entered
to tether our souls over the coming years.

We built and we laboured,
a warm nest for our bones.
We drank wine and we danced
with the company of our fine cats,
who formed a string quintet.

We looked over yonder, just across the way
Where our mountain stood almost still
it waved to us, an invitation
to the journeys we yet must fulfil.

© 2016 Lusha Hood – all rights reserved.

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